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Bullet Type Door Contact - Electro-magnetic contact which is recessed (hidden) in the door and frame which senses when the door is opened.
Surface Mount Door Contact - Electro-magnetic contact mounted on the door and frame surface to sense when a door is open.
Glass Break Detector - Sensors which "hear and feel" when window glass is broken in an attempt to gain entry to property.
Motion Detector - Sense movement in areas that should be still. These devices are able to provide "pet immunity", meaning they have the ability to "know" the difference between the intruder and a regular size family pet.
Indoor 2-Tone Siren - Sounding device mounted within the building with one tone for security notification, and a warble tone to loudly sound fire alarm notification to alert occupants to exit building.
Outdoor Siren - Sounding device that is for mounting outside of the building to act as a deterrent to would be burglars, and to alert neighbors.
Video Surveillance

Surveillance of both inside and outside can be easily captured and recorded.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a digital device which sits on your IP CCTV network to receive live image/video streams and record them digitally to a hard disk.

An alternative to PC/server-based recording, the NVR offers a less complex installation, is easier to set up and has a user-friendly interface for day-to-day use. As the NVR is solely designed for IP CCTV surveillance, the embedded operating system is optimized to handle the maximum number of cameras the unit supports. This means that you can be confident that the NVR will be reliable, stable and perform as intended, unlike a PC/server based approach which has many variables that could affect performance.
An Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via the Internet. They are commonly used for surveillance. Unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they require no local recording device, but only a local area network.
Indoor or Outdoor Cameras — The weather and tamper proof camera features 2.1 to 5MP at 1080p of resolution that delivers extreme details and a 2.8 to 12mm auto iris varifocal lens indicating a wider zoom range to fit more applications. It can even see straight down a wall!
CCTV — (Closed Circuit Television Viewing) Camera — Analog Color and black and white cameras feature digital signal processing for clear, sharp images. The CCD Chip Technology delivers superior sensitivity, greater dynamic range, and reduced smear to satisfy even the most stringent viewing requirements.
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