Security and Life Safety




Bullet Type Door Contact – Electro-magnetic contact which is recessed (hidden) in the door and frame which senses when the door is opened.




Surface Mount Door Contact – Electro-magnetic contact mounted on the door and frame surface to sense when a door is open.



Glass Break Detector – Sensors which “hear and feel” when window glass is broken in an attempt to gain entry to property.


Motion Detector – Sense movement in areas that should be still. These devices are able to provide “pet immunity”, meaning they have the ability to “know” the difference between the intruder and a regular size family pet.




Indoor 2-Tone Siren – Sounding device mounted within the building with one tone for security notification, and a warble tone to loudly sound fire alarm notification to alert occupants to exit building.



Outdoor Siren – Sounding device that is for mounting outside of the building to act as a deterrent to would be burglars, and to alert neighbors.


Keypads - Keypads are the user's access to security system functions. Available are basic numerical displays that simply show zone numbers or alpha numeric displays which write out zone descriptions, listing the zone and where it is located (i.e.. front bedroom window or 2nd floor smoke detector). Keypads also function as RF (radio frequency) receivers to allow wireless devices to be used when wiring is not an option. Users enter a personal 4-digital code to command system operations.

Symphony Keypads - Keypads are the user's control center of a security system. The Symphony's innovative touch screen display provides easy, fingertip control for a variety of daily tasks. Whether arming or disarming, bypassing zones or controlling lights and appliances, the touch screen makes operation a breeze. The Symphony is available in a basic black and white model, or an intricate internet accessible color touch screen system.

Keyfob - A wireless device which can be carried on a person to allow a one button press to Arm (turn on), or Disarm (turn off) security systems. 4-button models may be programmed to arm in Stay mode, and a Panic button could also be enabled if desired.

Smoke Detector- Sensor that will "smell" even the smallest amount of smoke in the air to alert persons a fire condition is present. Most types have a built in sounder to warble along with the siren to wake even the soundest sleepers.

Carbon Monoxide - Sensor provides early warning when its electrochemical sensing technology measures carbon monoxide in the air.