Providing both Residential & Commercial areas

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems — CCTV
We have the video surveillance systems to meet your needs residential or business.

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24-Hour Monitoring

We offer 24-Hour Monitoring.

Life Safety Systems

Life Safety Systems — Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

Door Entry Access Control

Door Entry Access Control Systems

High Water Sensors

Sump Pump — High Water Sensors
new ways to keep your areas dry

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Inspections/Maintenance
We will inspect and maintain your fire extinguisher.

Maintenance Agreements

We offer maintenance agreements for all of the security, fire, alarm equipment.

Licensed Technicians

We have Licensed Technicians to do the installations, maintenance of all equipment/products and services.

Medical Alert

Personal Emergency — Medical Alert
We also have the latest in medical alert services to fit your needs or that of a family member.

Phone Line Back-up

Cellular/Radio Back-up of Phone Lines

Temperature Sensors

Protect your house or business
Temperature Sensors — High & Low

Security / Fire Alarms

Security and/or Fire Alarm System
We have a variety of security systems.

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System Warranties

Our Products/Services come with System Warranties

Supervised Sprinkler Systems

We will supervise your sprinkler system

FREE Estimates

Free Estimates
Call us for a free estimate on our products/services/installation

Emergency Service

24-Hour Emergency Service
Call us anytime for emergency service